933a Counter Flange to fig. 933

Malleable cast iron fittings are offered in black and hot dip galvanized version. Because of their durability, high mechanical stress and temperature resistance these fittings continuously enjoy great popularity. The thread according to EN 10226-1 is an universal, standardised jointing technology and ensures a safe use in a broad field of application. Additionally to the threaded fittings, a compression fitting made of malleable cast iron is available. This fitting, sold under the brand PRIMOFIT, offers a full end load capability and is produced with black or hot dip galvanized surface. It is the time-saving connection of steel-pipeds, PE-piped, lead-pipes and butt-weld steel pipes.

Technical Details

EN Dim. (inch) Galvanised Code
   - 3/4 770932205
   - 1 770932206
   - 1 1∕4 770932207



  • biggest assortment of all producers – cost reduction due to a minimum number of joints
  • corrosion retarding and reinforced (free outrunning) internal threads design for the most common articles
  • malleable cast iron of highest grade and drinking water friendly galvanizing with high purity zinc, conforming to DIN 50930 - 6
  • PRIMOFIT - Quick and easy assembly – low costs
  • PRIMOFIT - No threading of steel pipe required / no special tools or skills necessary
  • PRIMOFIT - Dismantling not required (before installation)

Fields of Application:

  • cooling and air conditioning
  • plant engineering (e.g. gas, emulsion and pressured air pipe work)
  • construction of petrol stations (gas lines)
  • mechanical engineering (e.g. oil, coolant and lubricant pipe work)


  • ISO, EN



933a Counter Flange to fig. 933
933a Counter Flange to fig. 933